Brightfarms Chicago

June 2016
Customer : Brightfams Inc. (Hydronov)
Location : Rochelle, IL
Website :
Product : Supply Produce to Giant Food Stores
Objective : To provide an engineered chiller package for a hydroponic temp control Application with a 40°F – 95°F indoor ambient control range.
Chilling Load = 90 tons
Description : Provided (1) 90 tons refrigerant and (10) 316 SS grid coil heat exchanger properly sized to exchange (chiller) 8 ton load per pool pending heating or chilling operational mode.
(2) Pumps properly sized for recirculating chiller with buffer tanks, properly sized for loading, 460V/60Hz motors.
(1) 400 gallon buffer tank, (1) Air control package preplumbed to include properly sized expansion tanks, Fill-PRV, and air vents.
(12) HEX zone pump packages each pump, check valve and digital temperature controller.
(1) Delta preplumbed equipment skids; (1) preplumbed buffer tank & chiller pump skid. Skids fabrication includes; FRP deck & structural FRP “I” beam, Type “L” copper pipe, BFV and Ball Valves, CPVC SC80 Pipe, Pump Disconnects, and Leak Testing.
Engineered By : Rick Murray
Delta Hydronics