Boiler / Hex Skid


Delta Hydronics provides preplumbed and skid packaged boiler and heat transfer systems for commercial and institutional aquatic heating applications. Typical skid heating applications include single tank systems, single pass flow through designs and multi-tank recirculating applications. All skid systems include single or dual boilers, immersion or plate style heat exchangers as well as all necessary components required to provide a complete heating solution.


Single or dual boiler units packaged with immersion grid coil and plate and frame heat exchangers properly sized for your specific heat load application. Includes 82% fan assisted (indoor) or atmospheric (outdoor) dual stage boiler constructed with a cupro-nickel tube heat exchanger and marine bronze headers. Boiler safety controls include flow switch, pressure relief valve, temperature operator control, high limit temperature control with manual reset.

Heat Exchanger:

Heat exchangers can be either plate and frame or immersion grid coil design constructed of either titanium or stainless steel materials based on your aquatic heating application. Heat transfer surface area is calculated based upon the heat transfer coefficient of preferred material, system flow rates and anticipated fouling factors. Alternative heat exchanger materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene are available.


The boiler and heat exchanger loop is pumped by a properly sized CPVC, bronze or steel pump and selected based on heat exchanger design and distance from boiler skid. A secondary pump may be needed if heat exchanger is located far from heat transfer skid.

Heat Transfer Skid:

Preplumbed piping package includes all copper or steel pipe on the closed boiler loop and schedule 80 CPVC pipe on open aquatic system side. Air controls include air separator, expansion tank, air vents, and pressure reducing fill valve. Temperature control a includes a digital temperature controller with 15' lead titanium encapsulated temperature sensor. All heat transfer components (pumps, plate heat exchanger, air controls, electrical boxes, and temperature controls et.) are preplumbed and skid mounted on a corrosion resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester grated skid assembled on 4" fiberglass "I" beams. Systems are preplumbed, factory wired, skid assembled and leak tested for ease of customer installation. Crated skid delivery is typically four to six weeks. Boiler unit is assembled on skid.

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Boiler / Hex Skid Models

DHBXP-0300 0300 MBH Boiler Skid Single 300,000 BTU Boiler and Heat Transfer Skid Package 300 000 B.O.M.
DHBXP-0400 0400 MBH Boiler Skid Single 400,000 BTU Boiler and Heat Transfer Skid Package 400 000 B.O.M.
DHBXP-0600 0600 MBH Boiler Skid Single 600,000 BTU Boiler and Heat Transfer Skid Package 600 000 B.O.M.
DHBXP-0750 0750 MBH Boiler Skid Single 750,000 BTU Boiler and Heat Transfer Skid Package 750 000 B.O.M.
DHBXP-1050 1050 MBH Boiler Skid Single 1,050,000 BTU Boiler and Heat Transfer Skid Package 1 050 000 B.O.M.
DHBXP-1200 1200 MBH Boiler Skid Single 1,200,000 BTU Boiler and Heat Transfer Skid Package 1 200 000 B.O.M.
DHBXP-1480 1480 MBH Boiler Skid Single 1,480,000 BTU Boiler and Heat Transfer Skid Package 1 480 000 B.O.M.
DHBXP-1650 1650 MBH Boiler Skid Single 1,650,000 BTU Boiler and Heat Transfer Skid Package 1 650 000 B.O.M.
DHBXP-1970 1970 MBH Boiler Skid Single 1,970,000 BTU Boiler and Heat Transfer Skid Package 1 970 000 B.O.M.
DHBXP-2300 2300 MBH Boiler Skid Single 2,300,000 BTU Boiler and Heat Transfer Skid Package 2 300 000 B.O.M.