New Product Release - HydroMarine Chiller & Heat Pumps

HydroMarine - 20 ton Unit HydroMarine™ DH-SC-20-Ton for Pack Out – 300 GPM

As of first quarter 2019, Delta Hydronics LLC has officially entered the small tonnage titanium chiller and heat pump markets offering “HydroMarine™” models from 1.5 to 20.0-ton capacities. After twenty-five years of providing custom designs and building large capacity heating and chilling systems for various salt water aquatic markets; the firm now offers an alternative small tonnage TI chiller and heat pump line for the LSS Operator and Aquatic Engineer temperature control applications.

At the heart of HydroMarine™ design is a robust commercial grade titanium tube evaporator. The evaporator is a two-pass counter flow design using a tightly rolled Gr-2, 0.035” wall titanium helical coil housed in a schedule 80 PVC shell. This innovative evaporator shell design offers a tangential water inlet which accelerates water around the exterior of the coil on the down flow that is opposite to the refrigerant up flow; then water reverses direction in lower shell spiraling upward inside coil to complete a second pass. At high water velocities the tight coil design provides a uniform flow distribution with continuous self-cleaning of the tube surfaces.

Delta took a hard look at the basic reliable titanium aquatic chillers currently on the market and improved the base construction materials, aquatic flow dynamics and general serviceability over the common schedule 40 PVC shell, single directional flow and baffled titanium evaporator designs. The HydroMarine™ 6” & 8” diameter evaporators will accommodate flows at 120 and 200 gpm respectively with pressure drops less than 10 fthd (4.3 PSI).

HydroMarine - Evap GPM vs FTHD Pressure Drop

On the service side of the equation, HydroMarine’s™ dual flanged evaporator allows for simple inspection of coil by loosening the union connections and unbolting top flange without the need of pulling the shell off the coil. Periodic cleaning can be simplified using a hose, pressure washer or optional tube brush and flushing of bottom drain with coil inside the vertical shell.

The HydroMarine™ integrates both residential and commercial Carrier condensing R-410a units for temperature control applications down to 48°F and utilizes commercial Husseman-Krack R-407a refrigeration units for aquatic chilling temperatures down to 35°F applications.

The HydroMarine’s™ base construction utilizes non-corrosive FRP grating with 316SS evaporator mounting brackets and 316SS hardware providing a durable and low-profile wind stability design which enables easy rigging using a pallet jack. The finishing touch on this equipment package is the 0.50” closed cell insulation that is jacketed with a shiny 24-gauge 316SS wrap protecting insulation from the elements and normal wear.

Overall the HydroMarine™ product line includes material upgrades and design enhancements in the base models which are not available or only offered as add-on options by other manufacturers. Whether it’s the industrial durability required for harsh aquaculture environments or the engineered low ΔP design and material enhancements required by LSS operators and specifying engineers, the new HydroMarine™ chiller and heat pump line has something new and improved for everyone at a competitive price point.

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