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New Product Release - HydroMarine Chiller LTC

HydroMarine - 20 ton Unit HydroMarine™ LTC - LTC DH-LTC-2.5 Chiller

Following Delta Hydronics’ entrance into the small tonnage (1.5-20) titanium chiller and heat pump market, Delta Hydronics has now released its “LTC” (Low Temp Chilling) Chiller line for applications below 58°F down to 34°F. These include pack-out applications, crab/lobster holding, penguin or Polar Bear Exhibits, cold water fish such as Salmon, Char, & Trout, etc.

The LTC line utilizes the same commercial grade, two-pass titanium heat exchanger as the traditional HydroMarine™ chiller and heat pumps. The difference is in the condensing unit. Delta Hydronics has partnered with Hussman-Krack to utilize refrigeration style condensers that use R407A refrigerant rather than R410A. Traditional aquatic chillers use light commercial condensing units, designed to operate at 70°F. As you lower the setpoint and flow colder water through the evaporator, these units start to become less efficient and their BTU capacity decreases. Along with that, the amp draw begins to increase which costs more in energy as well as shortens the lifespan of the compressor. By using a commercial style refrigeration condenser, these issues are avoided since these condensers are designed to work with entering temperatures down to 34°F without affecting the rated efficiency or tonnage of the unit.

The LTC chiller line is currently available from 2HP – 15HP, please call us up to help you size the right unit for your low temperature chilling application.

For HydroMarine™ sizing and sales information please contact Delta Hydronics at (727) 861-2421 or visit