BrightFarms DC Project

April 2015

Customer : Brightfams Inc. (Hydronov)
Location : 21505 Elkwood Crossing, Elkwood, VA 22718
Website :
Product : Supply Produce to Giant Food Stores
Objective : To provide an engineered chiller package for a hydroponic temp control Application with a 40°F – 95°F indoor ambient control range. Chilling Load = 60 tons
Description : Provided a 60 Ton Carrier Chiller, Heat Transfer pumping skid, 400 Gallon Buffer Tank, and Immersion Heat Exchangers for each pool, along with a pump and temperature controller. This system allowed Bright Farms to individually control each pools temperature, allowing them to optimally grow different plants at the same time, year round.
Engineered By : Rick Murray
Delta Hydronics